Left 4 Dead 2

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Zombies. Lots of zombies. My first properly foray into online co-op multiplayer was with this game, and it’s pretty fun. You really need to work together in order to get through the levels. It was frustrating at times, but overall a good game.

Portal 2

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The original was a great puzzle game, and this one steps it up another notch. With a decent narrative this time it was good fun and a nice mind bending. The additional of the online co-op was the icing on the cake.

Portal: Still Alive

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I was immediately impressed with this puzzle solving game, as its unique use of brain twisting gravity and physics makes for such ingenius and satisfying game play. A short game, but with lots of replayability it’s everything an arcade game should be. An absolute must have if you own an Xbox 360. Four stars.