Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Perhaps not as good as the original, but then, how could it be? Maybe the weight of expectations holds it down a little too, but nonetheless it is a thoroughly enjoyable, action blockbuster of the highest order. It both stands alone as its own movie and acts as a bridge to the next chapter in […]

The Avengers

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This movie seemed like it would be the perfect match made in heaven. Marvel, in proper control of their own property, carefully shaping a superhero team movie having used a series of previous films to flesh out the world and the characters. The cherry on top being the masterstroke of having Joss Whedon, a perennial […]

Iron Man 2

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Sequels to blockbusters always come with big expectations. Iron Man 2 delivers in a really satisfying way. It’s still amazing that a B grade superhero like this should achieve such high level status putting it probably on par with the big ones (Spider-Man, Batman and Superman). This can be put down to Robert Downey Jr […]

Sherlock Holmes

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I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, I used to read the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when I was younger. This movie felt to me like it captured the spirit of Sherlock Holmes and tweaked it to well suit the 21st century audience. All the little details are there. They make clever […]

Iron Man

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I saw Iron Man the other day and it absolutely gets my thumbs up. It’s good, fun action with great special effects. It’s a super hero creation story, so it’s a bit light on the action, and follows a similar template to previous super hero movies, but the way it does things is excellent. Robert […]