X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class

After the disaster that was X-Men: The Last Stand, and the so-so X-Men Origins: Wolverine, my faith in Fox to deliver a quality X-Men related title without Bryan Singer at the helm was at an all time low. It was refreshing to see what was done with X-Men: First Class, however it didn’t come close to matching Singers efforts.

The story of Xavier and Lenscherr looked like something that had a hell of a lot of potential, and in the end it was a shame that the movie could not have been more about that than the actual formation of the X-Men themselves.

The mutants that were chosen as the “First Class” was a strange selection. With the exception of Beast, none of them were actual originals from the comics and some of them were bizarre, lesser known (and quite frankly less popular) choices. In fact, the kids, were downright lame. The movie took a serious downturn every time they were featured.

In hindsight that was always the strongest parts of all the X-Men movies the interaction between Xavier and Magneto. It was a good film but I kind of wish Marvel Studios could take over the X-Men franchise rather than having to endure Fox mess up what could have been rich potential for so many fantastic movies, rather than a mix bag of great to terrible films. This one kind of sits in the middle.

Kick Ass

Every once in a while the beauty of low expectations helps make a good film great. I had no idea what to expect coming into Kick Ass, but I came out thinking this was one hell of a kick ass film.

Smart writing and a fresh new take on the comic book genre makes this an incredibly refreshing package. The trailers for this movie don’t do it justice. A movie about a kid with no super powers who decides to try and become a hero anyway – this film finds an entertaining balance between being “real” which, let’s face it would just be a big buzzkill, and pure comic book fantasy. It is the faux-realistic unreality that works so brilliantly for this film.

To give you some idea of how good this film is, Nicolas Cage’s ham fisted acting actually works well here. Any film maker that can take his style and make it a good thing, is clearly a talented man.

One of the best films of the year, no doubt. Four stars.