Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Perhaps not as good as the original, but then, how could it be? Maybe the weight of expectations holds it down a little too, but nonetheless it is a thoroughly enjoyable, action blockbuster of the highest order. It both stands alone as its own movie and acts as a bridge to the next chapter in the massive overarching Marvel storyline – I must admit I found myself thinking ahead to what’s next and wondering what was being implied for the future more than I should have.

The Avengers

The Avengers

This movie seemed like it would be the perfect match made in heaven. Marvel, in proper control of their own property, carefully shaping a superhero team movie having used a series of previous films to flesh out the world and the characters. The cherry on top being the masterstroke of having Joss Whedon, a perennial underperformer, as the director.

It all worked out PERFECTLY. The Avengers is the pinnacle of comic book superhero move making. It has an authentic feel about it in terms of truly realising the spirit of a comic book superhero, but appropriately adapting it to movie form. It grounds it enough to make it palatable in the big screen format, but does not lose sight of it’s fantastical foundations.

Everything came together well. It is not a perfect film, the villain coud have been stronger, but in the context of a long arc, which it seems apparent Marvel are going for, this may not work out to be an issue at all. This is a great movie, and I only wish more of Marvel’s properties were back in their control – particularly anything that Fox owns.

All my childhood fantasies are coming true with Marvel movies. Brilliant.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise has still got it. This action franchise has no reason to ever end, and in the right hands has the potential to have the long life of the James Bond films. With MI:2 nothing but an embarrassing memory in the past, this film delivers awesome action and does so on an impressive IMAX canvas. More films should be made entirely on IMAX – it looks great.

The Town

For a guy who is clearly very good at making quality films, Ben Affleck has starred in a surprising amount of bad films. He wrote “Good Will Hunting”, he directed “Gone Baby Gone”, and now he’s done the best thing for his acting career – he directed the movie he stars in. “The Town” is a pretty good film. Jeremy Renner is particularly good as Affleck’s unhinged best friend. It’s an interesting and engaging story told without labouring too much on the melodramatic aspects, and as a heist film it features some pretty cool action and car chase scenes. Affleck should direct himself more often.