Far Cry 2

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Ubisoft tried something a little different, taking a first person shooter and trying to make it open world. Unfortunately by not having anywhere near enough variety when it came to gameplay options, the game just ends up feeling unnecessarily long and drawn out. It lacks any real plot and while the visuals are fantastic as […]


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Just finished playing BioShock – it’s a creepy game, but not actually scary. The visuals are beautiful and the story is quite intense. I found the FPS gameplay a little subpar but it’s not really “that sort of game” – it’s more than that. Towards the end I was really starting to get pulled into […]


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Black is pure FPS fun. It has the loosest of plots that you could all but completely skip anyway, that loosely connects very disparate levels together into a single game. The gameplay is straight forward shooter and does it well. My biggest and major issue with the game is the fact that the game only […]