The Hangover Part II

The Hangover Part 2

The original movie was surprisingly funny. This follow up comes very close on the heels of the original, and it would seem like the film makers didn’t want to take too many chances with regards to omitting the elements that made the original so successful – as such, the movies is remarkably similar beat for beat. Right down to the part where Bradley Cooper’s character calls Justin Bartha’s wife to begrudgingly admit that they had lost someone just before a wedding – even though the person in this case that they have lost is NOT Justin Bartha.

There’s actually no good reason whatsoever that he should be calling her of all people, but you know, that was a pivotal scene in the original, so I guess they decided to do a homage to that again… Not as funny as the original, and the cameo at the end from Mike Tyson fell so embarrassingly flat in the cinema I really wish they hadn’t bothered.


A pretty cool wish fulfillment story. Bradley Cooper carries the film, and it features some nice visual gimmicks to represent the changes that his character undergoes. Robert De Niro meanwhile might as well have not bothered turning up, his character is surprisingly under written. In the end, it’s a bit of a mix between “Wall Street” and “Fight Club” – but without the twist.

The A-Team

It’s been a pretty disappointing summer of blockbuster movies so far, and unfortunately The A-Team does little to redress this. It is not that it is a bad film so much as it is an underwhelmingly ordinary film. It is so unremarkably average, it really feels like the sort of movie you won’t really remember in a few short months.

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The Hangover

A good concept with rich potential for comedy. A group of guys go to Las Vegas for a Bucks Party and wake up the next morning with no recollection of the previous night and have to piece together what happened in order find their missing friend. The trailers looked great, and the movie doesn’t disappoint. It’s a funny movie that ticks along nicely.

I must admit that because of the buzz I might have been expecting a bit more, but it would be unfair to say anything negative about this film, it’s good and it’s funny.

Three stars