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Black is pure FPS fun. It has the loosest of plots that you could all but completely skip anyway, that loosely connects very disparate levels together into a single game. The gameplay is straight forward shooter and does it well. My biggest and major issue with the game is the fact that the game only […]

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

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In the days leading up to the release of GTA IV, Azza bought “Kane & Lynch: Dead Men” for the PS3. Together we played it for two days, about 10-12 hours in total, and completed the game. It was short. Short and very frustrating. The AI was ridiculously stupid, the controls were awkward and the […]

Grand Theft Auto 4

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Azza bought Grand Theft Auto 4 for his Playstation 3 yesterday. I haven’t played it yet, but I watched him play the game and it’s pretty clear the game rocks. I’m a massive fan of the GTA genre and this one looks like the best of the lot. The graphics are incredibly detailed, very impressive […]