Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

A great immersive story driven series comes to a great conclusion. Almost certainly my pick for the game of the year this game delivered everything I could have hoped for and there is still surely more to come in the way of DLC later in the year to keep the experience going. In a few short weeks it’s already my most played game ever, and I’m not done with it yet.

Loved it.

5 Video Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2012

Here’s my pick of video games I’m most looking forward to playing this year. They’re not all sequels this year as it’s starting to feel like this generation’s console cycle is coming to an end and most of the franchises have already delivered three (or more) games. I seriously hope there’s a new console in 2013 and games are taken to the next level, otherwise things threaten to get pretty stale. In fact, to be honest aside from number 1, unless it’s a glowing review I’m not sure I’d play any of the other games in front of my current backlog.

5. Tomb Raider

The Uncharted games are actually making me interested in this game more than any of the previous Tomb Raider games ever have. I’m working on the assumption that Eidos have been kicked into gear thanks to the guys at Naughty Dog taking this style of game to the next level. Too early to really tell, but I’m intrigued.

4. Halo 4

While we’re definitely on the verge of Halo fatigue, I enjoyed Halo: Reach enough to want to see more of Halo.

3. Bioshock Infinite

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Bioshock 2 after the original Bioshock didn’t really feel like it needed a sequel. This new Bioshock game is by the makers of the original game, so I’m hoping for good things.

2. The Last of Us

I’m very interested to see what the makers of Uncharted have next up their sleeve. I find it hard to believe they’ll let us down. That said, there’s no guarantee this game will even be out this year, that much hasn’t been confirmed, it could, like GTA V end up being a highly anticipated game of 2013 instead…

1. Mass Effect 3

If I could only play one video game this year, it would be this. Delayed from 2011 where it was number 1 then as the game I was most looking forward to, my anticipation is only heightened thanks to the delay…

Favourite Video Game of 2011: Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3

Played a lot of sequels (more often than not second sequels), and generally with video games sequels turn out better than their predecessors. That was certainly the case for many of the first sequels to games that had their second sequels released in 2011, however for the most part those second sequels were unable to top their predecessors. Gears of War 3 was the notable exception where the game just got even better.

A great conclusion to the story, loads of great action set pieces, and hands down the best multiplayer experience I’ve ever had. Before I’m done with this game I suspect I will have played more of it than any other game on my consoles, it’s just that good.

Top 5 Games I played in 2011:
1. Gears of War 3
2. Saints Row: The Third
3. Uncharted 3
4. Killzone 3
5. Dead Space 2

Favourite game of 2010: Mass Effect 2

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third

As an ardent GTA fan I’ve never really been able to accept any of the imitators to the genre and particularly the Saints Row franchise which always seemed like the poor cousin. However in Saints Row: The Third, Volition have absolutely stepped up to the plate and delivered the perfect batshit crazy game of complete insane mayhem that GTA: San Andreas should have been.

Where Rockstar took GTA IV in the direction of realism and stronger character and storytelling, Saints Row: The Third goes down the path of all out mayhem, and does so with such amazingly fun results. One of my favourite games of the past year, without question.