They made a film based on the Hasbro board game. I have never stopped thinking this was as stupid as it sounds. However, even so, I really enjoyed this film. It’s links with the board game are completely irrelevant. The association with the intellectual property was essentially a means for the movie to receive funding and for Hasbro to make large sums of money as they have already discovered they could do with their other major property – Transformers.

I can’t be sure that this movie will be a huge hit, but it certainly deserves to more so than the last two Transformers movies. It is dumb, sure, no question – but it is fun. It has great, slick action, good laughs, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It also has a lot of the positive hallmarks of a Bay styled action film, a beautiful cast, amazing special effects, explosions and high octane action, but without the annoying lingering shots of the female characters that make you cringe, or the crazy camera movement that made it impossible to enjoy the action. Peter Berg does it right, and quite frankly shows up Michael Bay.

Yes they make a reference to the line about “sinking my Battleship” and YES there is a scene where they target the enemy ship by way of choosing from an alphanumeric grid and hell, even the enemies artillery is SHAPED LIKE THE PEGS IN THE BOARD GAME – it’s silly, but it’s fun.

I liked this film.

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