Bioshock 2

As a narrative piece, the original Bioshock was great and really didn’t feel like the sort of game that needed a sequel. Commercially, its success sort of ensured that it would happen.

So despite seeming entirely unnecessary, and having a story that seemed very “appended” to the original world in order to fabricate a narrative reason for a sequel, this game was actually pretty damn good.

As a technical follow up, the graphics and the gameplay have all been improved. Okay, so the atmosphere and the story can’t compare to the original what with it being the second time around, but as a piece of interactive entertainment, it was a hell of a lot of fun.

The Town

For a guy who is clearly very good at making quality films, Ben Affleck has starred in a surprising amount of bad films. He wrote “Good Will Hunting”, he directed “Gone Baby Gone”, and now he’s done the best thing for his acting career – he directed the movie he stars in. “The Town” is a pretty good film. Jeremy Renner is particularly good as Affleck’s unhinged best friend. It’s an interesting and engaging story told without labouring too much on the melodramatic aspects, and as a heist film it features some pretty cool action and car chase scenes. Affleck should direct himself more often.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

A brilliant add-on to the already brilliant GTA IV. A different protagonist and new story, but one that is interwoven into the main story in a very smart way. It is a 10 hour or so main campaign and I found myself wishing it was much longer. GTA IV is a must buy for any gamer, and this complements that purchase brilliantly. Can’t wait to get stuck into the next installment.

Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

One of my favourite games from the original Xbox era was Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, it is without doubt the greatest movie based video game ever made. This sequel is, on its own, not as good as its predecessor, however the game comes with an HD remake of the original. As such this is an unbeatable, must buy package. Riddick rocks.

Despicable Me

All animated films are generally made for kids, I get that, but in the Pixar day and age of CGI animations I’ve come to expect films that work on multiple layers, appealing to both kids and adults. I was disappointed to discover that Despicable Me is really just an out and out kids film. I felt kind of silly watching it in the theatre as a result. Did other people know this was just a pure kids film? From what I could gather, anyone under 10 LOVED it.