On tour: The job of being on holidays

Work is a routine. It is about getting up at a certain time, it is about being somewhere, doing something and repeating. Day after day.

So too is being on a tour. There are meetings, engagements to fulfill, deadlines, schedules, things to do, place to be.

There is no pay, but there is reward. It is the best job there can be. If it something you love doing, it is no work at all.
Sometimes when on a tour – you are not operating on your own schedule, but someone else’s. You have to get up early or be somewhere at a certain time, even if you’d rather be somewhere else.

That is when it begins to feel like work. When you’d rather not, when you’d rather be somewhere else. Is that what work ends up being? At the end of the day, work is the thing you do when you’d rather be somewhere else?

Why would I ever want to work?

Oh yeah, money. That thing.

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