Batman Arkham Asylum

Forget about the movies, this game is the definitive Batman. It’s remarkable that super hero video games are usually lame, when you consider how awesome the source material is. This game is a refreshing change. Batman is awesome, and most importantly true to form. What makes the game so good, is the fact that it tries to capture Batman as Batman, as best as it can. The result is that the game is awesome.

The melee combat is hands down the best I’ve ever seen for hand to hand against multiple enemies. It is simple yet incredibly satisfying. Batman utilises his detective skills and his array of gadgets excellently, and the setting of Arkham Asylum means a fantastic use of the cavalcade of Batman villains within the story.

A near perfectly constructed game. Graphics, story, mechanics all are top notch. The only comment I would make is the “Detective Mode” – why would you ever want to switch it off?

Four stars.

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