Up in the Air

Maybe it’s because of my new life situation; unemployed and single – that this movie struck a chord with me.

I have never had a job that has really involved a lot of travel, but I can confess to having a bit of a romanticised impression of airports, hotel rooms and airline travel.

George Clooney plays a man who spends over 300 days a year flying around the country doing his job, which is to fire people.

His character is effectively a soul less person with little interest in making a connection with other human beings. That didn’t make his character unlikeable, on the contrary it seemed quite intriguing.

The movie tries to tell you that no matter what, having other people in your life is the most important thing. It’s more important than money, or a job, it’s the thing that will sustain you at the end of the day.

Whatever, shut up Reitman.

It was an okay though, a mildy amusing movie. Three stars.

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