This was the first non-GTA game of the sandbox variety that I’ve actually enjoyed. The twist in this game is that you play as a guy with super powers, namely the ability to manipulate electricity – so plenty of hijinx ensue.

This game was more like Crackdown than GTA for me, with less real open world freedom and more constant mayhem. However unlike Crackdown, the controls are tight, the mayhem is fun, and it has a story that provides sufficient context to everything you do. Also importantly, the side missions are diverse enough to keep you interested and not bored with repetition.

The game has a very overt morality system, it literally stops you mid game and sets you up with a dilemma where you can chose between one of two actions at a certain point – very good or very bad, and this ultimately affects how your characters powers developed. You’re not penalised one way or the other, it simply plays differently, which was a good touch although a bit simplistic in its execution. I always find myself playing “good”, for some reason I feel guilty deliberately being a dick.

All in all a good fun game. Four stars.

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