Edge of Darkness

A man loses his daughter and seeks bloody revenge on those who did it. This movie sounds a lot like “Taken” from last year, except for one key difference. Taken was awesome, Edge of Darkness is ordinary.

The movie plods along at a slow pace as Mel Gibson’s character slowly unravels the conspiracy behind the brutal slaying of his daughter that takes place right in front of him.

By the time the pieces have been put together, you don’t really care, you picked up enough of the gist of it, and you realise anyway that Mel isn’t interested in uncovering the truth, he’s just trying to figure out who to point the gun at before shooting. As far as that part is concerned, you figure that out with a good half hour to go, the finer details of the conspiracy are really irrelevant.

Where Taken was smart and slick, Edge of Darkness is bland and slow. It’s not altogether a bad film, it’s just ordinary. The most significant thing I took away from the movie was how short Mel actually is – that guy is a midget.

Three stars.

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