G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

I was in two minds coming into the film. On the one hand the trailers make the movie look cheesy, but on the other Stephen Sommers has never let me down. The good news is, Stephen Sommers has not disappointed. Taking what was quite frankly kind of dubious quality source material he managed to turn it into a well paced great fun action movie.

I was never into G.I. Joe as a kid, so I had no specific expectations regarding what needed to be in the film. What really made the movie work was that it had a clear understanding of exactly what it was, and made no pretence about trying to be anything else. Conceptually, G.I. Joe cannot be taken seriously, however the movie is careful not to disintegrate into parody.

In many ways, it was the perfect Hollywood big budget action film. The plot was simple and snappy, moving seamlessly from set piece action scene to set piece action scene, incorporating character development via flashback sequences that take place literally while the characters are travelling between destinations.

I wouldn’t have believed it coming into it, but I think this might be my favourite movie of the year. Four stars.

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