Terminator Salvation

I’m now in no doubt, the Terminator series ended, and ended well at Terminator 2. Man, that was a good film. I was unsure about whether or not Terminator 3 was necessary, but after watching Terminator Salvation, I’m now sure that everything since T2 was redundant.

Like Live Free or Die Hard, this fourth film in the series has none of the qualities that made the previous movies so good. It lacks everything that makes Terminator the brilliant films they were. In fact aside from having the checklist of items that have previously featured in a Terminator film, it didn’t feel like a Terminator film at all – instead just some mediocre sci-fi action film, with a lame plot and some nice effects.

Note to McG: firstly, you have a stupid name, secondly just having the lines “Come with me if you want to live” and “I’ll be back” doesn’t make it a Terminator film.

Such a disappointment, don’t waste your time. Two stars.

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