My Biggest Problem with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I thought Transformers was awesome. As much as I loved the film, it was far from perfect – very very far from perfect. The movie was riddled with problems, and you don’t have to look very hard on the internet to find comprehensive lists of all the plot holes and inconsistencies in the movie. Some reviewers would suggest in fact that the movie doesn’t really even have a plot.

My problem is that is has too much of a plot. What I don’t understand is why they even bothered going into all the convolutions that made up the shambolic mess of a plot that we end up with. If you stop and think about the movie’s plot too much you go cross eyed. It makes so little sense, it contradicts itself, it’s convoluted, and it’s just plain stupid.

It’s also completely unnecessary. When you boil down the movie to it’s key components it’s really just about 3 things; explosions, babes and fighting robots. The plot is merely a convention that we understand as a framework that a movie must sit within. So my question is, why setup all the crap about the Fallen? About the Matrix of Leadership (if you haven’t seen the movie, yep, don’t ask…)? It gets confusing, it gets ridiculous, and the movie just doesn’t need it.

Basically all you need is an excuse to setup a series of fights (featuring lots of explosions), each one bigger than the one before and leading up to one super large fight scene in the end. Pretty much like how the movie is currently setup, but do it without the guff.

People pick at the plot for it’s stupidity, and some of the problems are pretty major, but the movie would’ve been just as good with a simple plot, like say; Megatron is brought back to life, he tries to get revenge, and in a big final battle the Autobots triumphs.

Keep it simple and focus on your strengths. Michael Bay is the king of explosions, but he can’t tell a story to save his life.

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