X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Is there really anything cooler than a guy with claws that come out of his fist? I don’t think so. Being a film about Wolverine, all it needed to do was not suck in order to be a good film in my books, and you know what? It didn’t suck.

In some ways this felt less like a movie and more like some kind of Marvel franchise generation tool. When you consider that Wolverine is a more than marketable hero in his own right, the use of “X-Men Origins” in the title smacks of trying to build a brand; one that they can ultimately use on lesser X-Men titles in the future. With plenty of cameos from other future X-Men mutants, and with a nice open ending this movie was like the movie equivalent of a pilot episode. Expect plenty of future instalments of both “Wolverine” and other “X-Men Origins” movies.

Personally, I’m looking forward to a Gambit movie in the near future – hopefully.

Three stars.

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