They said it was unfilmable. This movie both proves and disproves that. This film was a great adaptation of the graphic novel. It tells the story very well and is true to the themes and spirit of the book. The visuals are fantastic and it retains a lot of the qualities that made “Watchmen” such an impressive graphic novel.

But there’s the rub – those qualities made for a great graphic novel. Do those qualities make for a great movie? I’m not so sure. While I loved the film and thought it was great, I can totally understand why the general public would walk away wondering what all the fuss was about.

For a “Watchmen” film, it was fantastic, but when you consider what impressed so many people about the graphic novel; namely the mature, multi-layered “grown up” story, those things were impressive because of what people had until then expected from that particular medium. When it comes to films, that sort of thing happens regularly. So does it compare with great film works? Citizen Kane it is not. Does it need to be?

I don’t care, I loved it. Four stars.

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