Halo 3

After an insanely long delay, due to my changing life circumstances, I finally got my gaming setup just how I wanted it, with a nice hi-def 40 inch LCD and an Xbox 360 Elite and quickly got stuck in Halo 3.
After the disappointingly underwhelming “cliff-hanger” end to Halo 2, I was keen to pick things up where I’d left off and see how it all concludes.

Halo 3 is pretty much Halo in high-def. It has the usual addition of weapons and vehicles you would expect from a sequel, and being on the 360 it has the prerequisite upgrade of visuals as well, which look beautiful. It may sound underwhelming to describe Halo 3 as pretty much Halo in high-def but given the pedigree of Halo, it’s high praise indeed.

Nothing ground breaking, but everything good about it is just that much better – and I haven’t even gotten into multi-player yet. Four stars.

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