Can’t Wait for Star Trek

This movie has a significantly high chance of failing to meet my expectations. In fact I’m trying to convince myself that I’m expecting too much from this movie to the point where I end up lowering my expectations because I’m convinced it can’t possibly be as good as I hope it will be, and as such actually enjoy this film because I end up not expecting to like it.

At least that what I expect.

The CNN Hologram

November 4, 2008 will go down as a momentous date in our history, but for me what really stood out was hearing the words “and joining me now via hologram is”

As part of their election coverage, CNN made use of holograms to project people from other parts of the country into their studio in New York. This was a really cool, and yet strangely unnecessary piece of technology. Gizmodo does a pretty good job at explaining how it works, but you have to wonder are 35 HD cameras hooked up to 20 computers really necessary to hear what one of the singers from The Black Eyed Peas has to say about the election?

The future is now, and I love it.

My Choice Tui Ad

Okay, so this isn’t the most original thing you’ve ever seen on the internet, but it’s good clean fun. This is the third commercial in Tui’s campaign featuring their “gorgeous” brewery workers, and in this website I worked on you can customise the infamous “Yeah Right” billboard at the very end of the ad and send out to your friends. Tui is a really well known brand of beer in New Zealand, and quite famous for their commercials. The turn of phrase “Yeah Right” from their billboards is a cultural phenomenon over here.

Check it out at