Over the weekend my apartment flooded. Apparently flushing paper towels down the toilet is a bad idea, especially when combined with a dodgy sewerage pump and a full washing machine. I was oblivious to the whole thing until the washing machine had finished it’s cycle, even though I was in the bedroom next to the bathroom the whole time.

The hallway, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom were drenched. Luckily, it was water from a washing machine and not effluent otherwise it would’ve been a real disaster. Thankfully a very helpful plumber and carpet cleaner guy fixed the problem for us. If you’re curious, the best way to dry out flooded carpets is to use big fans and a humidifier which any reputable carpet cleaning service offer.

A few hundred dollar later, the problem was sorted, and a valuable lesson was learnt. Seriously, don’t flush paper towels down the toilet. Ever.

Dud Alert – Punisher: War Zone

I may have been in the minority of people that liked the “original” Punisher film of recent times starring Thomas Jane, but I definitely have a bad feeling about the sequel, “Punisher: War Zone”. It just has fail written all over it.

They’ve recast The Punisher himself, with Frank Castle now being played by Ray Stevenson – that’s a warning sign on it’s own when the star leaves the film, and just looking at the trailer I don’t hold much hope. Particularly cringe worthy moments include the line “I’d like to get my hands on God”, and the chandelier shooting scene. I think this will be a bomb.

The Dark Knight

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about the new Batman movie, so there really isn’t anything new I can say about it. I liked it, it is a very good film. It is an amazingly mature comic book movie and is truly a good quality film. No wonder this film is smashing box office records all over the place. It’s particularly good in IMAX. Four stars.

This Just In – Kiwis like Rugby

I went to see the second match in the Bledisloe Cup at Eden Park on the weekend, and I walked away with a few impressions. Firstly, that when they want to, the All Blacks know how to play rugby, secondly that Kiwi’s quite enjoy a game of rugby, and thirdly, Eden Park has a great atmosphere, but is one of the most poorly thought out stadium’s.

This is the premium stadium in a rugby mad nation and has a decent capacity of a little over 45,000. It is nicely packed in so the atmosphere is amazing, however the stadium itself is located in the middle of suburbia. And when I say in the middle of suburbia, I mean it literally is located in a suburb, right next to houses!

There is limited car parking, and from what I could tell it’s not open to the public, it could not have held more than a few hundred cars, you could not enter the stadium premises and then walk around the perimeter easily – you have to walk down the bordering streets to access the side of the stadium you want to enter by – once you do enter the stadium you’re greeted by a couple of kids, no more than 18 years old who rip your ticket, movie cinema style and let you in. No bag check nothing!

I couldn’t believe how chaotic the whole process was. Traffic was an absolute nightmare to shuttle the tens of thousands of people via bus and train into suburbia. I can only assume the residents of Kingsland are just used to it being this way, and in fact, some were making a few dollars from the whole thing by selling parking and sausage sizzles.

Despite the result in the game where the Wallabies were thrashed, it was a good night, and the atmosphere in the game was great, but I have grave reservations about Eden Park as the destination for the 2011 World Cup, and think that Auckland really should have gone for the waterfront stadium option. However if the redevelopment plans do everything they say they will – perhaps it will fix all the issues I’ve just mentioned. We’ll just have to wait and see.