The Happening

Huh? There was a time when I used to think the movies of M Night Shyamalan were brilliant. The atmosphere he created with an air of mystery and suspense was palpable, and the twists were fun and left me satisfied that I had enjoyed a good movie. None of this applies to The Happening.

The movie is nonsensical, just plain ridiculous. It is tiresome, with woeful dialogue and let me both confused and immensely dissatisfied. I have not seen "The Lady in the Water", but this was clearly for me his worst film ever. I found myself sitting through this movie, enduring the nonsense of it all, while saying to myself "the ending will redeem it all, it will wrap it all up and make it all seem worthwhile".

It did not. Two stars.

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  1. I felt the same way about this movie that you did. It’s bad enough, in fact, that I don’t think you should have to pay for it — I think Fox should. Write to Rupert Murdoch and ask for your money back.

    Details at:

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