My Top 5 Favourite Musicians

I installed a short while ago and "scrobbled" my music from iTunes. It’s a pretty interesting tool to discover exactly what sort of tastes you have and how compatible you are with other people. I have a strange mix of taste so unsurprisingly I’m finding it hard to find too many matches, but when I took a closer look at what my tastes amounted to, the result disturbed me a little.

My favourite artist by a country mile was, unsurprisingly Powderfinger. That was obvious. They’re the only band that I’ve owned every album and whose concerts I’ve been to multiple times. Kanye West at number two isn’t terribly surprisingly either because I own two of his albums and I really like a few of his songs. What surprised me, and bothered me though was the fact that at number four was James Blunt.

Dear god, kill me now. I guiltily confess that I have "You’re Beautiful" and "Goodbye My Lover" on my iPod. But considering I only own two songs versus the multiple albums I have of the other acts on my top 5, I really must’ve listened to those tracks A LOT. I was going through an emotional time, okay?

My top 5 were: Powderfinger (2,884), Kanye West (587), The Chemical Brothers (477), James Blunt (378) and The Prodigy (339).

The shameful results of my last few years iPod listening can be found on my profile.

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  1. geez! I don’t mind a bit of Blunty myself, but to have listened to just those two songs 378 is really quite amazing! Your listening numbers are huge!

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