Better on a smaller screen?

I’ve always been a proponent of the notion that everything looks better on a big screen. However I’ve had a couple of incidents that have made me have second thought about this.

There was an unfortunate incident where I foolishly tried to watch Spider-Man 3 in the second row of an IMAX theatre. When I had to turn my head just to see Peter Parker talk to Mary Jane, I knew I was in the trouble. I honestly couldn’t make out what the hell was going on when Harry first appeared on the death glider it was all just a crazy blur.  In fact, none of that movie made a hell of a lot of sense to me because I just couldn’t see the action.

Recently I watched Transformers for about the tenth time on my plasma TV, a sort of farewell to my beautiful beautiful 42 inch Viera which I’m leaving behind and realised that I was noticing parts of the action I’d never been able to clearly see before.

Previously I had seen it on the big screen at the cinemas (twice), and then in my apartment in Surry Hills. However, back at my parents place, the sofa was set about twice the distance from the plasma as it had been in my apartment. Suddenly with that extra distance my eyes could actually capture the entire screen comfortably, and I was able to make out a lot more of the specific details in the action. It was great.

Did you know in the fight between Optimus Prime and Bonecrusher on the freeway, Prime pulls some kind of blade out of his wrist and cuts Bonecrushers head off? I’d always missed that. I know what you’re thinking – who the hell is Bonecrusher? Shut up, the movie rocks. Also, on a separate note, did you notice how the music during that fight sounded remarkably like the iconic Terminator music?

And for the record, yes, the movie gets better after ten viewings.

I’m going to miss my plasma.

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