It was a slow movie week in Auckland and the only thing that looked good that I hadn’t already seen was "21". It’s the story of some M.I.T math geeks who learn a system to count cards and win big in blackjack and go to Las Vegas to make lots of money, get greedy, lose it all and learn a lot about themselves in the process.

I found the movie dubious from an ethical point of view and the ending had me conflicted as to how I felt about the main character and whether I was really on his side or thought he was just a prick. While the world of card counting blackjack players sounds like something interesting, I suspect the nature of the whole card counting thing done by math uber geeks is a little beyond the reasonable comprehension of us mere mortals and the films attempts to dumb it down in such a way for us to appreciate what was going on left me feeling no more enlightened then when I started.

All in all, it was pleasant enough way to pass a couple of hours. Three stars.

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