Black is pure FPS fun. It has the loosest of plots that you could all but completely skip anyway, that loosely connects very disparate levels together into a single game. The gameplay is straight forward shooter and does it well.

My biggest and major issue with the game is the fact that the game only allows you to save at the end of a level. Given that each level takes at least 40-50 minutes to complete in a single attempt it means I found myself going over the same ground again and again because I wasn’t able to complete a level in a single session.

It was fine in the first few levels, which were relatively simple and good fun, but get to the final levels and it’s just plain frustrating. If you play the game you have to commit to at least two hour sessions – and even then there’s no guarantee you’ll make much headway. In end I just found it annoying.

I’m still stuck on the final level.

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